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frequently asked questions

How can I book?

For booking, it is enough to complete the booking form thoroughly that you can easily find in our web site search engine after giving required information. We will make a lightning response in 6 hours. 

How can I pay for?

You can pay for it to the driver during your transportation.

How can I find you at the airport?

We welcome you with a signboard on which your name is situated at the exit of airport. On the condition that you can’t realize the signboard due to the congestion, if you give a call, we transfer you to a meeting point with our driver. ,

Will you send an info mail to us about the bookings we have made?

We will send you an e-mail in 6 hours for confirmation. After you confirm, we will send you a voucher.

Do you have child safety seat in your vehicles?

If requested, child safety seat is found in all the vehicles without extra fee. 

How can I change the transfer date and time?

It can be easily changed if you send an e-mail prior to 24hours or you can  call our emergency phone number.

Can the drivers speak English?

Of course; all drivers can speak English.

If the plane delays, what can be done?

You can inform us via our emergency numbers. You don’t need to inform us till 1 hour, because our driver will wait for you up to 1 hour unconditionally.

Can you transfer us to private homes or villas except for hotels or aparts?

Of course, it is enough to write your private addresses comprehensively in the address part while you are booking.

Can we smoke in the vehicle during the transfer?

It is forbidden to smoke in the vehicle. If you inform you driver, he will have a break in a resting place for you to smoke.

Is everything inclusive in the transfer fee?

You don’t need to pay any other fee except for transfer fee. It is all-inclusive

Do your transfer vehicles have private insurance?

Except for your required insurances for you, all of the vehicles have private insurance.

Are the fees available for the vehicle or per person?

Fees are available for the vehicles not per person.

Which currency can I pay for the fee?

You can pay in Pound,Euro,Dollar or Turkish Lira

How can I cancel?

You can cancel your bookings prior to 24 hours. For cancellation, it’s enough to send an e-mail or call us to inform your cancellation.

Who can I contact with in case of emergency?

You can contact with us 7/24 via mail: info@transfersx.com or phone: +90 0 537 662 4626 for your precious views and questions.